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a meditation

Breathing in we enter the present moment.
The present moment is the only place we can experience our life,
the only place we can enjoy it, the only place we can feel it.
Let the momentum of the in-breath bring your attention from
the furthest corners of your mind where it is scattered.
Center and focus.

Breathing out we take leave.
We go to seek our destiny, to discover our purpose, to meet Gd.
We feel ourselves a part of the endless flow of life,
the great flow that has no end.
We attend to that small moment of faith when the breath leaves
the body altogether. …and then returns of it’s own accord.

Over time we witness our unconscious thoughts carrying our awareness away. Our true nature begins to appear, the way we are as opposed to the way we would like to think of ourselves. We begin to learn the name Gd has given us. We begin to understand that those things we didn’t want to see about our self are really the source of our unique power.

Gd is the only thing that can be absolutely present,
we can only approach the experience, we cannot attain it.
But as we approach it we approach Gd.

Adapted from Alan Lew’s “Be Still and Get Going: A Jewish Meditation Practice for Real Life”